Opening after the July 4th weekend!

Gill's Pier Ranch (GPR) is a multifaceted agricultural experience located near Northport, Michigan.  Beginning in 2014, we saw the completion of a 10-year dream to begin a suri alpaca ranch that would eventually welcome the public to visit.  As our herd grew from the original six females, we had 3 crias (baby alpacas) and added a male to our herd in 2014.  They are a joy to experience and observe bringing an amazing peace to your day.

In 2015, we added 17 Tibetan yak to the ranch and relocated to a new 52-acre parcel for an even more unique experience.  Yak are amazing creatures that capture your attention, taking you back to biblical times.  Their fiber is growing in popularity and they have one of the healthiest of red meat that is extremely low in cholesterol and fat.

Beginning in July, 2015, we will have a farm market to sell yak meat, fiber/fiber products, local produce and sodas.  Stop by to learn more about these amazing animals and to grab some of the healthiest meat on the planet!