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Tucked into the idyllic and beautiful Leelanau County wine country is a ranch unlike any you have visited.  Our high-quality grass and healthy Lake Michigan winds create an amazing location for raising multipurpose livestock that are grass-fed, sustainable, light on the environment and some of the healthiest red meat in the world.


               Chugach - Our   Breedstock Bull

             Chugach - Our Breedstock Bull

Our herds

Our Tibetan yaks and Suri alpacas all come from award-winning breeding lines.  Every year we have multiple yak calves and alpaca crias for sale to all sizes of livestock operations from commercial breeders to those that want unique pets or 4-H animals.

      Our farm market with yak and la viande              meats as well as   local produce

    Our farm market with yak and la viande
           meats as well as local produce

meat market

Our farm market (meat market) is full of yak and la viande meat, as well as fiber products from alpaca and yak fiber.  Come in and learn about our farm tours.

   Agritourism - Farm Tours, Sporting Clays, Gundog Training, Guided Wild Bird Hunting, Gamebird Preserve and Snowmobile Tours....

 Agritourism - Farm Tours, Sporting Clays, Gundog Training, Guided Wild Bird Hunting, Gamebird Preserve and Snowmobile Tours....


Our Agritourism offerings are meant to leave you with unforgettable experiences while you are in Leelanau County.  From Farm Tours to Snowmobile Tours, we have it all!

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The other (and healthier) red meat....

Healthier to eat than skinless chicken and most fish. This naturally ultra-lean dark red meat (95% to 97% fat free overall) is very juicy due to it's high percentages of Omega 3 oils, CLA's ( Conjugated Linoleic Acids ), Oleic Acids,and Stearic Acids, (35% higher than beef as a percentage of fats that are good for us). At the same time, Yak meat is very low in Palmitic Acid which is bad for us (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats, and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat). Yak remains higher in protein, solids, minerals, and vitamins than beef; while scoring much lower in saturated fats, cholesterol, triglycerides, and calories than beef!!

Yak meat has a delicious and delicate beef like flavor. It is very low in fat and can be easily trimmed off. It is deep red in color, high in protein, and low in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Compared with beef, yak meat has one-sixth the fat and 40% more protein. While it is leaner and lower in calories and saturated fat than beef, it is still a moist and flavorful meat.

Yak information sheets:
Yak Meat Comparison Sheet
Ground Yak Nutritional Information

Yak Meat Prices

Shipping prices vary by distance and time of year.  Please email us here with a general amount of meat you are seeking, as well as your zip code.  Shipping is done on Monday and Tuesday and 1-day shipping may be required during summer and to hot climates.

For more information on our sporting lifestyle adventures, please visit our outfitter shop Leelanau Fin and Feather in downtown Leland, Michigan!  We sell our yak meat there too!

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Clay shooting is much more than just learning how to safely operate a shotgun.  Chris won his first national championship at age 8 in the muzzleloading shooting discipline.  In high school he progressed to sporting clays.  That was over 25 years ago and over that time he has competed in sporting clays at local, regional and national-level shoots.  He has also been coached by nationally recognized coaches.  As a lifelong student of the mechanics and technical aspects of clay target shooting including shot setup, gun mount, visual target acquisition, etc. he cannot only help you start in the sport, but also work through those tough shots that keep you up at night!

Our 176-acre shooting preserve gives you the opportunity to experience something unlike even what you ahve at your home course.  With multiple traps, including a Promatic Huntsman XP fully wobble cart, we can custom-design a compact clays course to meet your needs.  Ad in a catered lunch with yak from our ranch and you have a day you won't soon forget.

Maybe you want to offer clay shooting at your next corporate event or family party.  Our setup is fully mobile and can be hired to set up at your location.

Give us a call for the most unique adventure you can have in Leelanau County....