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ABOUT Our Ranch

Chris and Angie live on our 52-acre ranch in northwest Michigan with their five children. This idyllic area of the world, with old-world fishing town charm and endless outdoor activity options is rural, slow-paced and family-oriented. In the summer, many families call our area home with summer cottages that allow them extended time with family and friends.

We have been raising yaks for going on five years. A recovering lawyer, social entrepreneur and leadership coach, Chris saw the lifestyle and business opportunity to raise our exotic livestock in this special part of the world. With warm Lake Michigan breezes that nourish our pastures and an amazing animal that can bring a unique and healthy meat protein to our “foodie” corner of the country,


Partners (Those serving or selling our meat)

Bogey’s 19th Hole -

Fig’s in Lake Leelanau -

Fischer’s Happy Hour -

The Leland Mercantile -

Bubba’s in Traverse City - Only as a special menu item.

Oryana Food Co-op -



Yak are originally from the Tibetan plateau in Asia. They are still raised by herdsmen and their families in the area for fiber, milk, butter and sometimes meat. As most Tibetans are Buddhists, they view the yak as a spiritual animal and cannot kill them for their meat. However, in the event one passes away, it is a delicacy enjoyed by the whole village.

Yak are beasts of burden and belong to the Bovine family as cousins to our cattle and bison here in the States. Some use them for packing into the mountains due to their ability to carry heavy loads and the sure-footedness in mountainous terrain. Others raise them for their fiber as clothing made from yak wool is not only extremely warm, but luxurious and tough. Finally, others such as our ranch focus on the delicacy and health benefits of their meat and value as breedstock to sell to others looking to start yak ranches.

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